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05 December 2008 @ 03:41 pm
Tango, Toymaking and Santa-Humps  

Hey there, Happy Friday!

Our next 3 Humps are


December 10 Tango Lessons--$10 to Ruin.  Dancing the Tango is so Hot!  Come on out.  Dance lessons are during social from 6:45 till 7:45.  Hump admission is NOT required. 

Bring your own music!  You know there is a song you've always wanted to hear at the Hump.  Bring it along!  Everyone can choose 2 or 3 songs.  We promise to play them until the audience groans out the music.  Come on, you can dance to the beat!

December 17

Playshop: Santa's workshop 7pm.  Hands on!  Firewands with Connie, Zippers with Rowan and Mini-Rope-Stinger-Floggers!  You know you need some toys for the holiday.  

Swing music night!  Come show off those great swing moves.  We'll play swing music all night long! 


December 24
Hump Holiday Party!  FREE!  Hump team presents our traditional Potluck, movies, Santa, a $5 gift exchange and more!  Please bring a $5 gift and a wish to share with our kinky santa!  We'll start with The Nightmare Before Christmas and keep the movies coming.  Suspensions without impact are encouraged in the main space.  All other play is limited to the back.  Cuddle pile only tonight (no romp pile.)

December 31 Hump team is taking the night off!  See you at  our New Year's eve party!

for more info:  www.sexpositiveculture.org or email thehump@sexpositiveculture. org

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