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07 August 2009 @ 03:09 pm
Clitoral Revelations 8/15  

What’s Going On Down There?!

Clitoral Revelations: A Sex-Positive, No-Nonsense Guided Tour to All Things Clit!


Your browser may not support display of this image. Our goal is to encourage and allow women to feel whole and deeply connected to their bodies, their sexuality, their hearts and to others while supporting men to revel in the experience of women feeling all that they are!   

Why we offer this class: Embodied shame and trauma (minor or major, conscious or unconscious) often results in women blocking their power and voice.  At a time when our world is in need of feminine wisdom and power we cannot afford to remain ignorant or afraid. It is time to release this shame and trauma by bringing awareness, pleasure and love to the entry way from which life comes…the clitoris.


Clitoral Revelations is a class designed to make room for deeper pleasure and joy by dispelling myths and silence around female sexuality.  Let us help you feel your doorway to life!   

How the class will go: We believe one of the first steps in re-connecting women to their life-creating power is to illuminate the historical context from which most of our beliefs have come while engaging in the process of rebirthing the herstory that is all too often forgotten. Secondly, we provide the most up-to-date anatomical and physiological information we can find from both medical and grass-roots sources. Slides will be shown using Dr. Banning Veil's Personal Pelvic Viewer. Many women find they are capable of experiences they never thought were possible after attending this class! The clitoris is larger and more talented than most of us know.  To take this knowledge into real life, we will do some clothes-on basic embodiment exercises.  Finally, you will have an opportunity to observe and understand female anatomy with our teacher-models, to witness a vulva healing session and to have your questions about female ejaculation and anything else answered by our team.  Clitoral Revelations is only the beginning! 

This extremely popular workshop usually sells out.

We recommend early registration. 

Saturday, August 15th / 1:00-6:00pm / $125

Location given after registration  
To Register call Teri @ (206) 612-3511

Or go to http://clitrev.eventbrite.com/ 

For more info visit:

 www.livingloverevolution.com www.thepresentsense.com www.tantricbirth.com

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