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Sex Positive Community Center

Center For Sex Positive Culture
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To join you must be a member of the CSPC but anyone may add the communtiy as a friend by going here and participate in the conversation. Then send an email with your CSPC membership number and the name on your membership card to verify.

Please read the posts in memories before posting in this forum.

The following is taken from the CSPC web page:

The Seattle Sex Positive Community Center is a non-profit, membership-based community center located in Seattle, Washington. We were established in 1999 in a bold attempt to create an environment that was accommodating to all sex positive communities and transformative in all areas of human sexuality. We've succeeded in creating that environment.

All events at Seattle's Sex Positive Community Center, whether of an educational, support, or social nature, are for the purpose of creating a safe and enriching space for those who are part of modern sex-positive culture. All of our social events, most of which are preceded by workshops or discussion groups, give our members an opportunity to put into practice the skills and theories presented by our various educators and leaders. Our events also give our many volunteers valuable experience that can be taken outside of the community center and put into use in the greater community.

Many of our events are only open to our members, but new member orientations are held least weekly. Additionally, our weekly Drop-In Evening is open to any adult who is a guest of one of our members.

Occasionaly, we sponsor special events at other locations, such as Paradise, a gathering of individuals and groups from the sex-positive community held over Labor Day Weekend, and the Seattle Erotic Art Festival.

We work to support other sex-positive groups by offering the use of our space to hold discussions and workshops that are (usually) open to the public. We are also proud to be a Coalition Partner with the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, a group working to ensure that all consenting adults can express their sexuality freely and openly, without fear.

Click the link below to read the posts we suggest reading prior to participating in this public forum.